Monday, June 25, 2012

Megacon (Orlando) - February 2012 and HeroesCon (Charlotte) - June 2012

Finally, a couple of other conventions I was able to attend to add more signatures and sketches from various Daredevil and Amazing Spider-man Writers and Artists over the years.

I attended Megacon here in Orlando in February and HeroesCon this past weekend in Charlotte.

I actually ran out of room on my blank variant that was being used for Artists for Daredevil so I had to add a second one.

The Amazing Spider-man blank variant had space inside the cover (something that Marvel has stopped doing) so I have a little more room on that one - although I did allow Mark Bagley to start a fresh blank variant so he could draw as big as he wanted!   Here is what I now have:

Daredevil Writers (9 in total so far)

I was only able to add two more Writers to my collection - Roy Thomas and Marv Wolfman as pictured below:

Dardevil Artists (22 in total so far)

I met a lot more Artists at these two conventions and was able to add Clay Mann, Sergio Cariello, Cary Nord (all of who sketched a Daredevil headshot), Mark Bagley, Ron Garney and Greg Capullo (who just signed their names). And those additions took all the room on the back of that blank variant cover.

On the start of my second Artists blank variant I added Stephen Epting's signature and sketches by Tom Lyle and Paul Azaceta (my favorite one so far - bottom right corner).

Amazing Spider-man Writers (13 in total so far)

I was able to add six more Writers to my collection - Roy Thomas, Marv Wolfman (from my favorite era), Bob Layton, Christos Gage, Todd Dezago, Louise Simonson and Zeb Wells as pictured below:

Amazing Spider-man Artists  (27 in total so far)
I met quite a few Amazing Spider-man Artists at these two conventions and was able to add sketches from Ron Garney, Paul Azaceta, Eric Canete, Joe Quinones, Robert Atkins, Tom Lyle, Paty Cockrum and Matthew Southwork (my favorite sketch top of inside back cover).  Bob Layton and Mike Zeck provided signatures only.  All those additions almost took over the entire inside and outside cover - just room for a few more!


And to start a new blank variant I gave Mark Bagley "carte blanche" to draw as big as he wanted (he did not charge for his sketch which is the same with the majority of the Artists).