Saturday, August 13, 2016

Major Con Sketch Catch-up Post!!

For those of you who have read my blog, I have been way behind on posting any updates!  I have been to nine cons since my last post (Heroes Con 2015 and 2016 (Charlotte), Tampa Bay Comic Con 2015 and 2016, Florida SuperCon 2015 and 2016 (Miami), Baltimore Comic Con 2015, Magic City Comic Con (Miami) and MegaCon 2016) and have lots to share including some cool new projects! 

And this blog name doesn't do justice to the new ideas I have pursued since I first created the blog.  As a reminder, I purchase the blank variant covers and have artists and writers who have worked on Amazing Spider-man, Daredevil, Captain America and Thor sketch or sign their names (if a writer or a non-sketching artist).  I have also added covers with Spider-man and Daredevil villains, members of the Inhumans, Fantastic Four and X-Men and various iterations of Ms. Marvel, Ghost Rider and Deathlok!  Lots of fun stuff!

Since we are playing catch-up, let's start fresh with what I have achieved to date (I will try to list them left to right, top to bottom, as mentioned not all artists sketch so may just be a signature).  I will add some commentary as needed!:

Amazing Spider-man Artists (49 artists to date)


Alex Saviuk, Phil Jimenez, John Romita, Mike McKone (my first head sketch), Humberto Ramos, Reilly Brown, Marco Checcheto, Bob Layton, John Romita, Jr., Bob McLeod, Mike Deodato, Jr., Mark Brooks, Ryan Stegman, Klaus Janson, Joe Quesada, Lee Weeks, Todd McFarlane (didn't sketch but added a spider).
Robert Atkins (probably my favorite sketch), Paul Azaceta, Eric Canete, Joe Quinones, Ron Garney.

Matthew Southworth, Michael Zeck, Valentine DeLandro, Jim Fern (exception #1 not an Amazing Spider-man artist but still added him), Tom Lyle, Paty Cockrum, Colleen Doran, Steve McNiven.

Paolo Rivera, Darick Robertson, Bob Hall, Keith Pollard, Erik Larsen, Rick Leonardi, Matthew Clark, Luke McDonnell, Mark Bagley.

 Angel Medina, Sean Chen, Michael Gaydos, Carlo Barberi, Ramon Perez, Brandon Peterson

 Barry Kitson, Sara Pichelli (exception #2 - she is an Ultimate Spider-man artist), Jim Starlin, Al Milgrom, Randy Emberlin, Scott Kolins.
 Amazing Spider-man Writers (20 writers to date)

Jim Shooter (exception #3 he was an editor not a writer), Joe Keatinge, Al Milgrom, Mark Waid, John Layman, Gerry Conway (best Spider-man writer ever), Marv Wolfman, Ann Nocenti, Louise Simonson, Christos Gage, Roy Thomas, Joe Kelly, Zeb Wells, Stan Lee (the master), Dan Slott, Bob Layton, Peter David, Tom DeFalco, Joe Quesada, Fred Van Lente, Todd Dezago
Spider-man Villains
 Doctor Octopus - Erik Larsen                                    Rhino - Mike McKone
Boomerang - Steve Lieber                                         Kraven - Alex Saviuk
Morbius - Matthew Clark                                          Sandman - George Perez
Shocker - Matthew Southworth                                 Kingpin - Mark Bagley
                             Vulture - Bob McLeod (excellent)
                                    Venom - Mike Deodato, Jr.

 Carnage - Angel Medina
Hypno Hustler - Aaron Kuder
Black Cat - Barry Kitson
Lizard - Paolo Rivera
Hydro Man - Robert Atkins
Green Goblin - Todd Nauck (my favorite villain)

Mysterio - Lee Weeks
More to come!!
Daredevil Artists (37 artists to date)

Keith Pollard, Paolo Rivera, Jim Starlin, Frank Miller (right under the logo), Terry Dodson, Jason Copland, Tom Lyle, Mike Avon Oeming, Rich Buckler, Geoff Isherwood (my favorite one), Rick Leonardi, Luke McDonnell, Steve Epting, Michael Allred, Paul Azaceta.

 Marco Checchetto, Greg Capullo, Clay Mann, Klaus Janson, John Romita, Arvell Jones, Keith Giffen, Alex Maleev, Ron Garney, John Romita, Jr,, Todd McFarlane, Lee Weeks, Sergio Carello, Mark Bagley, Cary Nord, David Mack, Dan Jurgens, Joe Quesada.

Stefano Gaudiano, Cully Hammer, Khoi Pham, Vanesa Del Rey.
Daredevil Writers (19 writers to date)

Scott Lobdell, Charles Soule, Mark Waid, Jm Shooter, Gerry Conway, Frank Miller (classic writer - across the logo), Danny Fingeroth, Chris Calremont, David Mack, Kevin Smith, Stan Lee, Ann Nocenti, Roy Thomas, Marv Wolfman, John Romita, Jr. Joe Quesada, Greg Rucka, Joe Kelly, Fabien Nicieza.

Daredevil Villains
 Kingpin - Lee Weeks                                    Elektra - Bill Sienkiewicz
Gladiator - Cully Hammer                           Bullseye - Klaus Janson
Man-Bull - Stefano Gaudiano                                Lady Bullseye - Clay Mann
Stilt-Man - Paolo Rivera                                 Typhoid Mary - Paul Azaceta
                                   Mister Hyde - Cary Nord
 Captain America Artists (16 artists to date)
Allen Bellman

 Barry Kitson, Michael Zeck, Steve McNiven, Steve Epting, Dan Jurgens, Francesco Francavilla, Mike Perkins, Mark Bagley, Jae Lee, Andy Kubert, Lee Weeks, John Romita, Jr., Mike Manley, Stuart Immomen, Lee Weeks.

Captain America Writers (6 writers to date)

Gerry Conway, Roy Thomas, Jim Shooter (exception #4 - he was only an editor), Marv Wolfman, Cullen Bunn, Mark Waid, Chuck Austin.

Thor Artists (19 artists to date)
Barry Kitson, Mark Brooks, Mike McKone, Simon Bisley, Keith Pollard, Tom Raney, Stuart Immomen, Lee Weeks, John Romita, Jr. Mike Deodato, Jr.

Jey Leisetn, Dan Jurgens, Andy Kubert, Geoff Isherwood, Greg LaRoque, Tom Grummett, Bob Budiansky, Jorge Molina, Walt Simonson, Jim Starlin.
Thor Writers (7 writers to date)

Matt Fraction, Jason Aaron, Gerry Conway, Jim Shooter (exception #5 - he was only an editor), Roy Thomas, Jim Starlin, Ron Marz, Walt Simonson.

            Triton - Jae Lee                                      Black Bolt - Tom Raney
Lockjaw - Brandon Peterson                           Medusa - George Perez
Mosaic - Khary Randolph                                Alaris - Matthew Clark
                                                                          Naja - Ryan Stegman 

Union Jack - Mike Perkins        
                                                 Captain America - Allen Bellman                                                    
Submariner - Alex Saviuk
Human Torch - Bob McLeod  
Fantastic Four

      Skrull -Tom Raney                                    Mr. Fantastic - Mike McKone
Doctor Doom - Casey Jones                          Sue Storm - Ryan Stegman
                      Mole Man - Juan Doe                                     Thing - Mark Bagley                                  
                                                                        Human Torch - George Perez 
Captain Marvel/Ms. Marvel
              Ms. Marvel #1- Bob McLeod         
                                                             Ms. Marvel #2 - Greg Horn                                                    
Captain Marvel - Kris Anka
Ms. Marvel #3- Jake Wyatt   
Ghost Rider
          Danny Ketch - Mark Texiera           
                                                    Carter Slade - Juan Gedeon                                                          
Johnny Blaze - Pat Broderick
                                                     Alejandra Blaze - Matthew Clark                                                       
Robbie Reyes - Tradd Moore 

                Storm - Dexter Vines                           Wolverine - Yanick Panquette
Magneto - Shawn Crystal                           Colossus - Ken Lashley
Gambit - Jorge Molina                                Iceman -Andy Smith
                                                                       Cyclops - Nolan Woodward
                                                                      Professor X - Mark Bagley
                                                                    Rogue - Kevin Sharpe  
 Deathlok #4 -Henry Hayes - Mike Perkins 
That's it for now - I will try to stay current going forward!  Thanks for looking!