Friday, August 23, 2013

Tampa Bay Comic Con - August 23, 2013

Today I went to Tampa Bay Comic Con (about 1 hour 15 minutes from Orlando) in their new venue at the Tampa Convention Center.  Huge improvement over the hotel ballrooms where they used to hold the convention.  Though they had about a dozen artists in attendance there was only one new artist that I had not met at a prior convention.

Daredevil Artists (28 sketches so far)
For my additions to my "collection", I was only able to add one Daredevil artist, Geof Isherwood.  I had a bit of space left on the back cover and he asked if he could fill it all in as he likes to take his time with his sketches and make them as big as possible and of course I said "yes!".

Here is his sketch below (lower left) - excellent!

Spider-man "Foes" Artists (2 sketches so far)

So I decided to start a new "project" - I recently started reading "The Superior Foes of Spider-man" book and as usual bought the white blank variant.  Based on the theme of the book, I thought it might be fun to have Spider-man artists sketch their favorite villain (as long as their favorite is not the same as another artist!).  So to make this cover a little more linear I outlined boxes for the artist to fill in the villain.
The first two sketches were done by Mike McKone (Rhino) and Alex Saviuk  (Kraven).  Both artists have contributed to my Spidey head sketch covers and in fact the first artist to sketch a Spidey head for me was McKone so as he was at Tampa today I thought it fitting that he sketch the first villain.  Aren't these cool sketches???  Funny thing is I thought they would draw a head within the white box with space around it but instead their work looks like a true comic panel!

Looks like no more cons for the rest of 2013 but March 2014 seems to be a busy month with another Tampa con, Megacon (in Orlando) and maybe a trip to Seattle for Emerald City Con????  We'll see how that last one fits in budget...