Saturday, April 6, 2013

Tampa Bay Comic Con - April 6

It's funny that I attended Megacon a few weeks ago and out of the large number of creators in attendance I was only able to get one artist signature for my collection.  However, today I went to Tampa Bay Comic Con and out of eight artists in attendance I added three more sketches to my covers.
Tampa Bay Comic Con is a twice-a-year hotel ballroom con that in the past mainly featured comics for sale.  I recently discovered it and within this past year, they now invite comic creators and even a few pop culture celebrities (this one had a couple cast members from "The Walking Dead").  And it is an hour or so from Orlando so not too far for me.

Amazing Spider-man Artists (29 in total so far)

I added one sketch today to "Amazing Spider-man" cover - that of Luke McDonnell - his is the one on the left.

Daredevil Artists (24 in total so far)

In addition to Luke McDonnell doing the Spidey sketch above, he did the bottom left Daredevil sketch.  The other artist I met, Rich Buckler, is known for "Daredevil" mainly for a number of covers he did in the '70's.

I really like the way the Rich Buckler sketch turned out - it is the one on the top right.
The organizers of this con also do a twice year Orlando ComicExpo.  The next one is in May and it looks like I will have a few more sketches to add - more on that in my next blog post....

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