Tuesday, June 18, 2013

HeroesCon (Charlotte) - June 2013

I recently came back from Charlotte and HeroesCon 2013 - a three day comic con which specializes in comics creators only without any pop culture guests.  This is my second year attending this con and I definitely recommend it for comics fans.
Here's a look at how my "Amazing Spider-man" and "Daredevil" collection is coming and a look at a couple other sketches I received.

Amazing Spider-man Artist (33 sketches so far)

I was able to add a Paolo Rivera sketch (top left) from whom I have been wanting to get a sketch for awhile. I had met him before but this was the first time I asked for a sketch.  I even sent him a message a few days before the con to make sure it would work out.  Great guy and I love his style.  At the bottom is a sketch by Rick Leonardi who is credited with co-creating the black costume so I thought it fitting to request a black Spidey sketch.

Daredevil Artists (27 sketches so far)
Coincidentally, the only two artists I was able to add to my "Daredevil" collection were Paolo (top right) and Rick (bottom right).  Again, great sketches and still amazed how fast they draw.

Amazing Spider-man Writers (14 in total so far)

Just one signature added to the Writer collection this time - John Layman.


Daredevil Writers (10 in total so far)

Similarly, just one signature added to the Writer collection this time - Greg Rucka.

While at the convention, I added one more Hulk sketch to my "Indestructible Hulk" cover - that of the newest Hulk artist - Matteo Scalera (bottom sketch).

Lastly, my 9 year-old son asked me why I never have any sketches done of Green Goblin since that is my favorite Marvel villain.  So I took his advice and got my first GG sketch - from one of my favorite artists, Mark Bagley.  Came out perfect...
Great convention all around - but I do realize that with most of these cons they get similar creators back year after year so unfortunately that means I may not get any new additions.  But still lots of fun!!

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