Friday, March 21, 2014

Megacon - 2014

I attended Megacon today here in Orlando - this is a con I have been attending for many years,

But as are usually the case with annual cons, the same creators appear on a regular basis so I was only able to add two sketches to my collection this time.

Spider-man "Foes" Artists (3 sketches so far)
As mentioned in my last post I decided to start a new "project" - having Spider-man artists sketch their favorite villain (as long as their favorite is not the same as another artist!) or a villain that they have drawn many times over the years.  I even outlined boxes to make the sketch area more linear and comic panel-like.
The sketch I received today was Sandman by George Perez.  Great job drawing him in "sand flowing mode" (or that is what it looks like to me).
Daredevil "Foes" Artists (1 sketch so far)
To continue my Spider-man and Daredevil sketch collection, I now decided to continue the villain trend and collect sketches of the Daredevil villains.  I began with a character who may truly not be a villain but since artist Bill Sienkiewicz  was at Megacon I thought he would be the perfect person to sketch her...and I was right!  This is a very mesmerizing sketch and the first one ever done in color - his choice.
That's it for Megacon but I should have a huge update next weekend as I will be attending Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle!!

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