Monday, September 15, 2014

Florida Supercon (Miami), Tampa Bay Comic Con and Fanboy Expo (Tampa) Cons

Time to catch up!  Over the last few months, I have attended a few smaller conventions, all within driving distance of Orlando.  I attended Florida Supercon in Miami in July (about 4 hours away) and two that were in Tampa (hour and a half away), one in August and one this past weekend.  I am very surprised how many cons have popped up in Florida over the last few years.
Though small cons, I was able to add a few more sketches and writers to my collection...and even started a new "collection".  More on that at the end of the blog...
Here is a summary of what I accomplished.

Daredevil "Foes" Artists (6 sketches so far)
As with other DD villain sketches, I usually let the artist choose their favorite DD villain for them to sketch.  But in the case of Clay Mann, who I met in Miami, I asked if he would sketch Lady Bullseye as he was the artist for her inaugural issue.  He obliged as shown below...very well done.
At the first Tampa con, I again met with one of my favorite artists, Paolo Rivera.  He decided to choose Stilt-Man (a classic!) as the villain to sketch. 
I still like the way I added outlined boxes to make the sketch area more linear and comic panel-like.

Spider-man "Foes" Artists (10 sketches so far)

As with DD, the Spider-man villains are done by Spider-man artists as they sketch their favorite villain (as long as their favorite is not the same as another artist!) or a villain that they have drawn many times over the years. 
The sketches I received were The Vulture (super cool sketch) in Tampa in August by Bob McLeod and this past weekend I received a Carnage sketch by Spider-man artists Angel Medina.
Amazing Spider-man Artist (41 sketches so far)
I was able to add three Spider-man head sketches over the three cons.  On the inside back cover, I added Al Milgrom (a legend) in Miami, Scott Kolins in Tampa in August (in the right corner) and in the inside front cover Angel Medina this past weekend in Tampa where he sketched a cool upside down Spidey with a little spider too.
Amazing Spider-man Writers (17 in total so far) Just one signature added to the Writer collection this time - the aforementioned Al Milgrom, joining Joe Keatinge on the back cover.
Thor (1 sketch so far)
I have recently discovered Thor comics, which is funny because in the past I was never much of a fan of the character.  It was through the purchase of some Thor Marvel Masterworks a few months that I realized what great stories have been told over the years with this character.  So I decided to now add Thor head sketches to a blank cover variant of "Thor, God of Thunder" #1.  Over the past three cons, only one Thor artist was in attendance, Keith Pollard, so I asked him to be my inaugural Thor sketch artist.  Excellent job!!
Well, that should be it for 2014 conventions - I discovered a new con in Ft. Lauderdale in February that will probably be the next one I attend and one of the greatest Spider-man writers of all time will be in attendance - Gerry Conway...can't wait!

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